What is a Wakaminenga?



A Wakaminenga is a sophisticated gathering that the Tinorangatira from each Hapuu attends in order to discuss matters of great importance.

Activating your “Wakaminenga O Nga Hapuu” authority is REALLY important – as it allows each Hapuu Tinorangatiratanga Authoritive body the ability to create and enforce Law Making decisions in accordance with Tikanga specifically within their Hapuu territory & also meet annually on the 28th of October at Te Tau O Te Rangatira in Waitangi to pass national LAW.

Te Tau O Te Rangatira is not a building, it is the grass mound on

the Te Tii Marae paddock area.

The Tohunga would gather on the small island that sits opposite Waitangi – and instruct the Tinorangatira to gather at Te Tau O Te Rangatira for Wakaminenga and exchange with the British Settlers.

According to the 1835 He Whakaputanga document the TINORANGATIRATANGA were to maintain MANA I TE WHENUA, which basically means that the TINORANGATIRA were to maintain authority of Papatuanuku and ourselves as Tangatawhenua because we are the whenua.


A TINORANGATIRA does not ask permission or act submissive to the New Zealand Government Agents -a TINORANGATIRA

assumes ultimate authority at all times over the New Zealand Government Agents - yet remain in honor and upholds oneself with diplomacy and helps the people.


Because the average person struggles with the concept of being independent from a governing parent body that controls us - many people literally CAN NOT ACTION their TINORANGATIRA status  - which annoyed me so much that it ACTUALLY led me to create website, and here we are.

There are many honorable Rangatiratanga in our country and we urge you to rise upto Tinorangatira status - simply by STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

We do NOT need permission to activate or ACTION our INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS provided we are acting in accordance to TIKANGA.

The INTERNATIONAL INDIGINEOUS and NATIVE LAWS and IMPERIAL LAWS have already been set in place for our protection.

TIKANGA needs to be implemented immediately in our country as a Counter-Manoeuvre against the increasingly exploitative

financially motivated New Zealand Corporation.


The MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION Team Members have intentionally created these DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY INHERENT RIGHTS CARDS in order to create a safe space for people to start ACTIVATING their INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS and COMMON LAW RIGHTS.

So if you ACTIVATE your WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAAPU then according to the "1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA" IMPERIAL LAW document - your Hapuu can decide to over ride THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT in every instance.


For EXAMPLE: if you want to keep hunting or fishing during the COVID 19 LOCKDOWN - then you can OVERRIDE the DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION or any other ASSUMED AUTHORITATIVE ENTITY that tries to interfere with your right to collect wild food.


Same thing applies to 1080 and 5g - if your WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAPUU TINORANGATIRATANGA decide that they dont want 5G TOWERS or 1080 within their HAPUU TERRITORY - then the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS must obide by HAPUU AUTHORITY.


IWI was a NZ GOV invention designed to disempower the HAPUU AUTHORITY and came around in the 1850s.

Also because the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT is an unlawful entity it is forbidden to operate without the permission of those who hold the MAORI AUTHORITY.


CURRENTLY the RATANA CHURCH, MAORI COUNCIL and KINGITANGA sign approval of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND corporation to operate - this is done on a yearly basis.

NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT meets every 25th January at the RATANA CHURCH to do what is called COMMERCE CONTRACT which involves a NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT agent placing a cheque on the ground at RATANA CHURCH, and the appointed RATANA CHURCH agent picks up the cheque.

The bizarre event is celebrated with a week long fiasco and is based on RATANA CHURCH once having 80% of the Maori mandate.

COMMERCE CONTRACT works like this:


CONTRACT makes the LAW

So the very act of this bizarre RATANA CHURCH tradition is in fact a "financial bribe" to RATANA CHURCH - and in return HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND corporation is given permission to operate for another year.

Maori Council meets the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT at WAITANGI every 6th Feburary and receives a cheque and COMMERCE CONTRACT is done - and in return HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND corporation is given permission to operate for another year.

The "Maori King" Tūheitia Kingitanga is given large sums of money by the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT all through out the year as he gambles his money away frequently and is known to go around to the maraes within the KINGITANGA and DEMAND MONEY off the people.


Tūheitia also demoted himself twice to KNIGHT status.


When does a King become a KNIGHT? Why would Tūheitia's advisors agree to this demotion of status?


He demoted himself to a KNIGHT OF ST. JOHN and also to a KNIGHT OF LAZARUS.




The poor Lazarus who features in one of Jesus' parables (LUKE 16:20). Only Luke tells the story of the poor Lazarus who resides helplessly at the rich man's gate.

The current ROYAL CHARTER pyramid of RATANA CHURCH, KINGITANGA, and MAORI COUNCIL appears to be FREEMASON in design and structured in such a way those within it have become SLAVES by CONSENT.

There is sufficient documented evidence proving the systemic failures of the current NEW ZEALAND structure.



Kiingi Tuheitia Invested as Knight Commander

March 9, 2010

Press Release – Turangawaewae Marae Trust Board

Kiingi Tuheitia, the Maori King and paramount chief of Waikato-Tainui, was invested as a Knight Commander of Grace of the Ancient and Most Noble Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem at Turangawaewae today.Kiingi Tuheitia Invested as Knight Commander of Order of St Lazarus

Kiingi Tuheitia, the Maori King and paramount chief of Waikato-Tainui, was invested as a Knight Commander of Grace of the Ancient and Most Noble Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem at Turangawaewae today.

The investiture was led by the Grand Prior of the Order in New Zealand, the Chevalier Colonel Andrew Renton-Green; assisted by the Chancellor Emeritus and Keeper of the Seal in New Zealand, Chevalier Professor Noel Chapman; the Chancellor of the Order in New Zealand, Chevalier Elwyn Eastlake; and the Deputy Chancellor, Chevalier Andrew Beattie.

“We are delighted that Kiingi Tuheitia accepted the high office of Knight Commander in our Order,” said the Chancellor of the Order in New Zealand, Chevalier Elwyn Eastlake.”He has a strong affinity with the humanitarian and charitable purposes of the Order and the King’s extensive relationships and influence throughout New Zealand, the Pacific islands and southeast Asia regions will be invaluable.”

Through his investiture, Kiingi Tuheitia joins other notable New Zealand members of the Order of St Lazarus including its Patron in New Zealand, the Governor-General , His Excellency The Honourable Sir Anand Satyanand, and the Chevalier Lt.General Jeremiah Mateparae, Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force.

Other members of the Order in attendance at today’s Investiture included Grand Prior Emeritus of New Zealand, Deputy Grand Hospitaller and Grand Magistral Member Chevalier Professor Brett Delahunt; Keeper of the Privy Seal (Australia) and Grand Magistral Delegate (Oceania) and Grand Magistral Member, Lady Primrose Potter; Chancellor Emeritus and Keeper of the Seal (New Zealand) Chevalier Noel Chapman; and Grand Prior Emeritus, Chevalier Clem Parker.