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Release from Spring Hill Prison

Happy Dad - gets rid of Oranga Tamariki

Happy Dad uses our paperwork to get rid of oranga tamariki
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Skye uses her card to get through Australian Quarantine

Christchurch - 3 pound weed cultivating charges

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I went to court as a Man and not a Person and I won the police didnt even turn up to my trial. When you ask the police who they are and proof that they can charge you it seems they cant answer you. The last 10 months has been the best learning I have ever had to learn you are truly free as a Man I have done what most will not attempt I beat the system. It's only illegal if you are a person because they have defined person. Thanks to Monica Eastick and Peter Martin.

I couldnt have done it without yous. If anyone wants a card they are $50 dollars and well worth it. Never been treated like royalty in a court of law. Also thanks to my partner for your support and believing in me and to my friends that supported me and to the ones who doubted me. I will never let the system push me around again I am free to grow a plant.


Hahona Rawiri Morrison

Family of 5 harrassed by Oranga Tamariki review

To whom it may concern,


I am writing in support of Maori Rangers Securities Division. I have personally experienced some challenging times with Oranga Tamariki and the way they work and manipulate people for their own benefit .


Monica has personally helped me & my whanau achieve safety and security with my three tamariki who were threatened by Oranga Tamariki with phone calls and unannounced visits with police officers I assure any one that is doubtful Or fearful to contact Monica as I am one hundred Percent confident and Have faith in her ability too keep our Tamariki safe, In a time of uncertainty this gave us Confidence and the know how to follow her guidance and what she directed us to do.


Monica has always been available and opened her doors to us in a very challenging time . I am very grateful to have had her work with us and support us at this time it has been a blessing .


I would highly recommend anyone having dealings threats with Oranga Tamariki to contact Monica immediately as she will provide the steps to achieve the desired outcome and have your Tamariki remain with their parents to keep them safe away from a corrupt organisation such as OT.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information from my experience you are safe do not fear but have faith .


Nga mihi



Ric from Auckland gets acknowledgment 

In September 2020 Ric From Auckland copied Peter Martin's Common Law Copyright Notice Paperwork and also copied Peter Martin's Claim of Right and Statement of Understanding - Ric had the paperwork stamped by a Justice of the Peace and sent the paperwork via COURIER TRACK AND TRACE AND SIGNATURE to TRACEY MARTIN at INTERNAL AFFAIRS.

Ric was pleased to receive this letter of ACKNOWLEDGMENT as "giving notice" to the various NZ GOV AGENCIES is an important step in regaining your personal freedom - as it sends a clear and correct message to others that you are making an independent stance - so that later on if you do get "HARASSED" by the various GOVERNMENT AGENTS you can produce evidence of your acknowledgement and also use it in court.

For more information about this please go to the https://www.maorirangersecuritydivision.com/how-to-exit-the-nz-gov-jurisdiction  page on this website

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If your a happy customer and want to share your story we will make you a free card for a loved one :)

Important things you need to know if you grow weed

If you want t o grow and trade weed you need to:

1) Fly the 1834 trading flag and learn about 1835 He Whakaputanga  

2) Put a NO-SOLICITING and NO-TRESSPASSING sign up on your door or fence - so the police can have NOTICE not to enter

3) If you get invaded by police you must produce your card and call us at the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy 24/7 so we can ask police to release you 

4) You must remain calm and explain to police that you are a Diplomat of TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA - its a jurisdiction issue then and they must leave 

5) You must NOT SIGN any CONTRACTS they will trap you into the 4 corner rule 

For more info about the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy please go to


To purchase a 1834 flag FOR $12 please order from Kiwi Craze - you will need to put an eyelette into the kiwicraze flag so it lasts longer.

Kiwi Craze (NZ) Limited

11 Jesmond Street
3720 Waikato - Ngaruawahia
Waikato - North Island - New Zealand

021 235 6104

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