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Kia Ora Monica.  How do we activate this authority? Do we  stand in this sovereignty? or is this even possible?  Would your wananga provide this knowledge?? 



Okay - Never say the word sovereignty it will get you into trouble with the NZ Courts and NZ Gov as they own that word and have a series of traps in place for people who claim to be soveriegns.


We dont have to activate our Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu Authority via paperwork - we are the mokopuna o Te Tinorangatiratanga.  We activate our Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu by acknowledging our tupuna - then we need to start the korero with our whanau and hapu.  Te Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu was a huihui in the sacred spiritual realm first and foremost.  There is no Badge or Paperwork or Book or SEA PASS Card required to activate your Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu. There is no enrolment process.  I make the SEA PASSES to wake our people up & so our people can identify as being part of their tribal nations. The Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu Authority comes from within ourselves, from within our DNA and when we unlock the knowledge that was stored within our DNA then we will wake &  move as one, even without being physically in contact...only then we will be a force to be reckoned with.  I also dont do hui or wananga as it has proven to be futile. Te Wakaminenga is a huihui in the spiritual realm, those who are supposed to be - will already be the wairua.  This must be understood before any physical hui takes place


Do the cards work ?

ANSWER Yes the cards work they are the first ID you have owned that displayed proof that you are:

* In the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Jursdiction (Exempt from NZ Jurisdiction)

* We have a right to Identify ourselves with our Ancestral Heritage & Native & Indigenous Nation 

* Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is the Nation of Islands that lay between Hawaiiki, Rapanui & Te-Ika-A-Maui & Te-Waka-A-Maui

* Each Hapu has its own Territory and we encourage Hapu members to place your hapu on your SEA PASS Card

* Pakeha and others born here can identify as being Natives to Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa

* Pakeha and other born here can display thier own Ancestry on thier SEA PASS Cards and use Common Law as a way to defend themselves against  New Zealand Agents as New Zealand is a Common Law Jurisdiction

* You are alive and not a dead entity corporation (Exempt from the Birth Cert strawman that appears on all LETTERS from the NZ GOV.) Obviously you are alive lol

* If you dont know what a dead entity is or what a "Strawman" is then please watch this video below



Hi Monica. My vehicle rego is due on 30th March and Im a bit nervous about taking this next step of deregistering rather than reregistering my vehicle.

I am comprehending it all and have watched all the video on your website but still nervous about the actual ordering the new plates and deregistering.

Why am I so nervous about it? Coz Im on my own? Coz its quite expensive to get the plates? Im not sure what it is? Will the road police pick on me coz Im on my own?

Can you give me some confidence please or shall I just not bother doing the car part yet?





I believe in miracles


 Hi Barb,


Its ok, don't de-register until more people have 

Im in a Crown Law Case and am doing a Private prosecution against the NZ Police re: Police  Racism and the Car Plates.

Any-one who is suffering from low-confidence in this area, should wait until i have won in court before they de-register their cars and get the tangata-whenua plates.

Its more important to have a card at this point, and to use it in everyday things - such as using it as identification, and using the card in your claim of rights against vaccines etc.

Let the strong ones use the plates for now- as they know what to say and do; for it to work anyways xxx


Thanks Monica


Kia ora Monica,


I am hoping that you could help me out by telling me how I can add my baby to my benefit even though she doesn't have a birth certificate. I have met with a case manager and had them put my baby's sea pass on file but they have since insisted that I need a birth certificate to add her to my benefit. Also, I have been trying to get a transfer from my Kainga ora home in Gisbonre to a home closer to my family in the Whakatane/B.O.P area as I've been struggling with my newborn and being a solo mum trying to cope with day to day life has become a real struggle and living 3hours away from my only whanau means I can't even get help from them so I'm really worn out and just need some help because although WINZ is aware of my situation they still insist that in order to get the housing transfer I need to get my baby added to my benefit and in order to add my baby to my benefit they insist I have to provide them with a birth certificate. So if there's anything you could do to help me out or point me in the direction I would really appreciate it. Thank you for you time and I look forward to hearing from back you.  Kind Regards


ANSWER  Hi take look in the legislation specifically the Social Security Act read in there about the requirements from the S.S ACT that's what they have to follow. Take the legislation into WINZ and show them what it says. The whole birth cert thing is not a requirement, it's just to check for entitlement but the baby was born here and has an unalienable right to the benefits of society.


Its also an 'ENTITLEMENT' not so much a BENEFIT  - you will need to be firm and show them the evidence


There are other babies now teenagers that had no birth certificates - but those families were not on WINZ so thank you for being brave and we are keen to learn from your journey so we can share with others


So keep in touch - if it fails call me on 0212632032 there are other departments that you can get money from such as IRD  Thanks Monica

A  You-Tube member: tinamarie kahurangi  Posted this helpful reply on our You-Tube Channel re: WINZ 

tinamarie kahurangi writes:

  "my experience, when I found out about the birth certificate and the name being copyright, and did some research, then I contacted the WINZ by phone and requested to meet with the manager. When I met with the manager I gave her some documents, with a PPSR and UCC attached and asked her to scan those documents to the national office in Wellington. The manager did but I could not access the right income however they placed me on a benefit, but when it came to the time to get your benefit renewed, as they usually send you out a form every year and you have to fill it out, sign it and return it, I did not. Instead when I received the envelope from winz I sent it back unopened and put return to sender in red pen on the front and crossed out the glass looking coffin, where your name can be seen through it. And the benefit continued to be issued, since then I have never filled out any more forms to renew since 2018. The winz provide a benefit to the entity name, and because the entity name is unable to sign documents, or even speak, you return any letters sent to the entity name, back using the same method. My security agreement and other documents attached confirmed me to be the authorized representative of the entity name, when they were given copies it is obvious they have read it, if that was the case, they would normally threaten to turn your benefit of, not only if you dont renew the benefit but also if you dont comply with the conditions attached to the benefit. I have not been into a winz office for three years since the last manager uploaded by documents. You have to send in documents of your standing, Declare it, you have to write other notices and accompanying evidence to the winz, those documents wont be able to be seen by front staff, only those in the national office. And those in the national office, like Chief Executive and Deputy executive only they know your papers that is filed with the entity surname and not on the actual file of the swift system that front line staff can see."


Are there people who have used the card successfully with documented proof it works ?


There are many who use the card successfully every day,  they are private men, women and children,  as part of our confidentiality agreement with you as secured party we have no right to give your information to anyone. But those who choose to will forward information to us.

If you have a success story you would like to share please contact us - so that we can post your happy story on our TESTIMONIES OF OUR HAPPY CUSTOMER PAGE :)


Where do I use the card ?

A: The card is accepted  and recognized in many applications and as more people use the card it will gain more recognition.

*   Various primary schools and Kohanga accept cards as photo i.d

*   Certain Banks accept as Photo Identification

*   Smith City Christchurch accept as Hire Purchase Identification

*   Liquor Stores  accept as Proof of Age

*   Air New Zealand accept as Photo Identification

*   Jetstar accept as Photo Identification

*   Court Houses Nationwide accept the cards as Legit Identification

*   Police and Navy and Army were present at the launch of our Cards in Waitangi 3rd Feb 2020 - 6th Feb 2020.

*   Police Commissioner Andrew Corster has been made aware of our cards.

*   The LAWS were placed for our protection many years ago and by using your card in accordance to 1835 He Whakaputanga you are simply ACTIVATING your rights to live peaceful and freely without the unlawful corporate racketeering and harassment from NZ GOV.


QUESTION Why do I have to show my current ID to get a card ?

ANSWER Because the embassy is official and the cards are genuine we need to make sure nothing fraudulent is happening when we and the witnesses issue your card.  Also we take note of any name changes on our data base to keep a responsible record.


QUESTION Will the card stop forced vaccinations ?

ANSWERYes it will but you have to speak up. Please refer to our AVOID FORCED VACCINATIONS page.

QUESTIONIf I de-register my car, how do i get on with insurance? 

ANSWERIf you own your car outright & want to protect your property - its still your personal property - so it shouldn't matter if your car is de-registered from NZ GOV its till worth the same amount.


As long as you have a W.O.F ROAD WORTHY STICKER then I cant see why it cant be insured.


You will need to be diligent and check the policies of different insurance companies and compare policies, then chose the policy that suits you best.


Each company policy is different and we can't control another Companies Core Principles or Policies.


What we do know is that INSURANCE COMPANIES sell us all the "DREAM".  If you look at how insurance companies treated the CHRISTCHURCH Earthquake victims - you will see examples of  how NZ Insurance Companies failed to deliver.

Shop around there should be a Greedy Insurance company that is willing to take your money. Failing that you could always self insure - which basically equates to forced saving for emergencies.



Where can I get an 1835 He Whakaputanga flag from? 


There are lots of $2 shops all over the place selling the flags.


We get ours for $12 from:

Kiwi Craze (NZ) Limited

11 Jesmond Street
3720 Waikato - Ngaruawahia
North Island - New Zealand

Phone: 07 -82 47050

Cell Phone: 021 235 6104

Monday - Friday 11:30 am - 5:30 pm

QUESTIONIn order to maintain WINZ and IRD payments is it best to do a card with the name as per the name on our birth cert???

ANSWER You dont have to tell WINZ your out of the system if you dont feel like it. 

You are lucky when you buy a card from us, you can enjoy DUAL JURISDICTION.  So you just switch between what ever is benefiting you at the time.  For example if the cops pull you over to raid - then use the TE-MOANA-NUI A-KIWA card. But if you want to use your NZ PASSPORT to get on a flight then that's ok too. Just do what gives you best results each time.  Basically MAXIMISE your DUAL JURISDICTION.

Also Peter exited the NZ GOV IN 2010...he still gets WINZ and more! He uses his COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT NOTICE NUMBER and his DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARD with WINZ.


For more information on this topic please click on the How Do I Exit NZ GOV and Still Get WINZ Page.

QUESTIONWhy does MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION use our first and last names on the cards? Doesn't the NZ GOV trade on our LAST names? 

ANSWER *Because we code your name so its ALL ONE NAME so we don't actually use your LAST name even though its on the card.

* Because we secure party your identity so NO-ONE INCLUDING US, can trade your identity (like how the NZ GOV does with your BIRTH CERTIFICATE )

*  Because our cards are being accepted within mainstream establishments - most likely due to the look of the card, we encourage our customers to use their true names...for example: service people are accustomed to seeing first and last names so do not question the cards as much as if you use a single name...(even though we code it so it is just a single name)

QUESTION Will I lose my house and job if I get this card?

ANSWER  What! No! You will not lose your house and job if you buy a DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY Card from us. Also who told you that?

When you buy a Diplomatic Immunity Card from us - you are simply exercising your Inherent Rights to live freely - Because we are from TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA we are entitled as over-seas people to obtain and use a DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY Card.  It is our human right as people to live freely & peacefully & without CORPORATE CONTROL- please refer to the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

QUESTION Hi Monica - is there a way of working and collecting the benefit because wages isn't enough,just enquiring?

ANSWER Fair question as the taxpayers don't pay for the benefit like how so many people believe.


The benefit comes from our Maori Sovereign Gold Bonds that the NZ GOV trades in our names - that's why we should exit the NZ GOV.


I don't have a problem with people working and recieving thier fair entitlements - but I can't control your employers corporate structure or core rules that they need to follow as NZ GOV registered companies. So unless you can get a cash job I cant help you on that WINZ hurdle.


What i can control is sharing as much info as i can - however at some point the people will have to make individual decisions that suit their individual needs- because I am not a free-for-all human encyclopedia.


I try and offer a sensible solution for our customers - but if u want to survive in a corrupt system them u will have to get creative


My priorities are assisting vulnerable people in society against getting systematically harmed by the NZ GOV Agents such as ORANGA TAMARIKI - I don't think i should be showing people how to make more money.


But by all means go forth and prosper.  Utilize the 1834 Trading Flag for its original purpose = FREE TRADE & TAX FREE TRADE & THE RIGHT TO TRADE DURING COVID 19 LOCKDOWN

QUESTION Hi Monica So the claiming benefit etc...


I watched the vid of you and peter saying about winz :) great stuff.

Do I need to go through the sov process to claim the full amount of benefit?

Will I still have to use and IRD # ?

Or simply do I go in and just sign up and get what I can?

ANSWERIts up-to u what u want to do - I personally don't have WINZ- nor have i done any sovereignty process because i don't believe in the long and annoying process of it  - I believe in Tikanga and prefer to follow the wisdom of the 1835 He Whakaputanga, my Tupuna and Io Matua Kore


Peter did the common law claim of right which i refuse to do also - because I am already out of the system by non-participation


Non-participation Example 1 :  I never pay tax even though I have had 3 businesses - because I believe in tax free trade and  basically abide by my own rules in accordance to Tiikanga.

Non-participation Example 2: I dont vote because why would anyone trust someone else to be in charge of them? When we have a choice to stand in our own mana.

I also refuse to chase the CEST QUI VIE TRUST MONEY because too many people i know have told me of loved ones or friends whom sadly have either been assassinated or jailed for getting too involved with the TRUST MONEY - hence I earn my income 100% from self sufficiency and am probably no help in regards to the WINZ issues.

Peter is the WINZ guy - however this is your own personal journey and

the choices you make will be in alignment with what you feel is vital for your existence.  

If you feel the desire to chase the money that's fine - although there is no value in the fiet currency anyway because NEW ZEALAND is bankrupt.

TRADE is the direction I recommend others to participate in because it is fair and rewards the worthy and is the purpose of the 1834 flag gifted by KING WILLIAM IV to our Tinorangatira ancestors.

If we participate in Fair Trade then we can boycott the corporate structure of the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT.

Also please note:


1) Most NZ GOV agents are acting under a false illusion of power.

2) If the government becomes "Ultra Vires"... (Which means acting outside of its jurisdiction) then only actions will prevent the NZ GOV from abusing our civil liberties.

3) We have not encountered any problems with authorities so far - so please remain in honor and diplomatically verbalise your rights to the NZ GOV Agents.