Employ Peter's Help

Peter can assist with:

* purchasing a card

* court cases

* un-extinguished land titles

* completing your exit-the-nz-gov paperwork


To buy a card - please email Peter this info:




First Name


Last Name






Phone Number


Maori: please provide your hapu for the wakaminenga on top of your card



Pakeha: please choose your banner for the top of your card



Islanders: please provide your island for your te-moana-nui-a-kiwa on top of your card





Please send a current photo of you for your card


Please send a pic of your current identification so we can verify your details

Peters Price List:

Adult cards                                  $50 each

Child cards                                  $25 each

Replacement card                      $40 Adult

Replacement card                      $25 Child

Overseas card & Postage          $70 Adult

Overseas card & Postage          $35 Child


Phone advice 24 hour/7 day helpline        Free of charge

Court case evaluation                                   $50

Court case paperwork preparation cost   $100 -500

Court case appearance                                $500- $1000 plus travel costs

Complete on you behalf the 

7 Documents needed to exit NZ gov          $150

Peters Contact Details:


Phone 24 hour/7 day helpline     0210424434

Email:   techteam@maorirangersecuritydivision.com

Website: www.maorirangersecuritydivision.com

To pay Peter - please do a Bank Transfer or Paypal:




Peter James Martin

Bank : Kiwibank

Name of Bank Account is : wirelesshotspot.net.nz

Bank Account Number : 38 9003 0509874 00


Deposit Reference: Please use your name



Overseas customers: please use swift code: KIWINZ22

Overseas customers: the Bank Address Listed is 2 Emerson Place

Enderly Hamilton

New Zealand  3214

 Adult $50                 Child $25             Overseas $70