Peter  Martin's older Videos

The perils within NZ TRUSTS and why its best to return land back into UNEXTINGUISHED NATIVE TITLE

ROADS are public common ways & Police have no right to generate revenue from the ROAD $$$

Monica and peter talk about why you SHOULD NEVER SIGN anything that the NZ POLICE try and make you sign

Monica asks Peter about why people write to the Vatican to get their souls back & thinks it's pretty weird.

2 Minutes to Midnight

Please dont leave things until 2 Minutes to Midnight !

NZ Police are unlawful when enforcing COVID 19 RULES - also Dilip Lupa is awesome.

Peter Explains in detail about the features on the card and how the cards work

Intro - Corporation- ORANGA TAMARIKI is a corporation and cannot uplift without consent

Peter is disgruntled with the CHRISTCHURCH DISTRICT COURT when our mate gets arrested at court - for not appearing in court - totally crazy

Do Judges & Lawyers have shares in
New Zealand Prisons?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Tangatawhenua Hunters get tresspassed and charged for hunting on thier own land - TAUPO DC - JUDGE MCKENZIE 2020

What to do when you are arrested & other good advice -Drive to Rotorua Courts to defend a mate who had been assaulted in his home by 10 TAUPO POLICE 

NZ Passports - and there hidden codes
Part 1

NZ Passports - and there hidden codes
Part 2

WINZ explained  - where the money really comes from

The Jail Break Project 2020 - plan 1 of 5

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