Pakeha Mates born here are Natives :)

Security Division team members work on a variety of projects that assist vulnerable people within our country, have military or other specialized training and have a higher jurisdiction ranking than NZ POLICE.


We want to teach you how to avoid becoming a victim of the financially motivated NZ GOV system - we teach people how to win in court and prevent people from going to jail, as once you are in jail it is harder for yourself to get out.


Tikanga is Maori Law and is far suited for Maori People.  All people born on our Islands are officially Natives to the Nation of Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa.

On the back of the Diplomatic Card you will see a CONTRACT that states:


"The secured party of this card is acting under tikanga and in accordance with 1835 He Whakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tireni"

Which means that every card bearer has to be respectful to Tikanga.

We invite our Pakeha and other Ethnic Mates to learn about Tikanga and 1835 He Whakaputanga as it will help you understand why we get so hoha with the current New Zealand Government Legislations and Acts.

Please watch all of the videos on our website as they explain things in an easy way.




We are only just making cards for people who were born within the TE MOANA NUI A KIWA jurisdiction - our priority is to make cards for people who are being systematically picked on by nz police and oranga tamariki and ministry of fisheries.


If you were born outside of the TE MOANA NUI A KIWA jurisdiction - thanks for your interest but we cant make u a card at the moment because the people of our nation are the main priority - with time and permission from all hapu we may be able to make foreigners who have NZ citizenship cards - but for now we make cards as a direct counter maneuver against the imposing NZ gov regime that harms our people

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What are the card options ?

Here are some of the pakeha options :) we can also assist you if you would like to custom make your card headings 

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