Tūheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero (Maori King - who demoted himself twice to KNIGHT Status) - attempts to dishonor the 1834 Flag at Te Tii Marae in Waitangi on the 4th November 2020

Many proud TAI  TOKERAU people and mokopuna of the Tinorangatira  who autographed the 1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA are seeking answers after Tūheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero : the (Maori King - who demoted himself twice to KNIGHT Status) conducted a dishonorable ceremony upon the 1834 flag that was flying proud at the Te Tii Marae.


The  1834 flag was gifted by KING WILLIAM IV to the TINORANGATIRA (High Chiefs) in 1834 and raised at Te-Tau-O-Te -Rangatira on the 28th October 1835 - to mark the celebration of the signing of HE WHAKAPUTANGA O TE RANGATIRATANGA O NU TIRENI


The signing of the 1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA was an international affair that was witnessed the by AMERICAN CONSUL - JAMES REDDY  CLENDON &  BRITISH RESIDENT - JAMES BUSBY who wrote the 1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA and a 13 gun salute was fired to mark the event by the ROYAL NAVY HMS ALLIGATOR.

The video of this event circulated on facebook and has angered many people - who are seeking a public apology from Tūheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero and a full explanation on why:


1) the 1834 flag was lowered ?

2) why was the kingitanga flag was placed on top of the 1834 flag ?

3) why were the 2 flags then raised to half mast?

4) who from Te Tii Marae allowed this to happen ?

5) why did Tūheitia think that this blatant disrespect of lowering the 1834 FLAG was needed?

6) also others want to know why Tūheitia expects his workers to pay him -  as tradie workers have complained to MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION that Tūheitiaha has  tried to charge them money for their services.

History: HMS Alligator was a 28-gun Atholl-class sixth rate of the Royal Navy. She was launched at CochinBritish India on 29 March 1821. Alligator, under the command of Captain Lambert,operated in New Zealand during 1834, leaving on 31 March 1834, but returned again in September the same year to rescue the crew and passengers of Harriet, which was wrecked near Cape Egmont, Taranaki and were held by the Ngāti Ruanui. Letter to James Busby regarding the Harriet Affair of 1834.  In March 1834, Alligator, was on hand (and fired the 13-gun salute) at the first hoisting of the first national flag of New Zealand, at WaitangiBay of Islands.

Tūheitia also demoted himself twice to KNIGHT status.


When does a King become a KNIGHT? Why would Tūheitia's advisors agree to this demotion of status?


He demoted himself to a KNIGHT OF ST. JOHN and also to a KNIGHT OF LAZARUS.




The poor Lazarus who features in one of Jesus' parables (LUKE 16:20). Only Luke tells the story of the poor Lazarus who resides helplessly at the rich man's gate.

The current ROYAL CHARTER pyramid of RATANA CHURCH, KINGITANGA, and MAORI COUNCIL appears to be FREEMASON in design and structured in such a way those within it have become SLAVES by CONSENT.

There is sufficient documented evidence proving the systemic failures of the current NEW ZEALAND structure.



Kiingi Tuheitia Invested as Knight Commander

March 9, 2010

Press Release – Turangawaewae Marae Trust Board

Kiingi Tuheitia, the Maori King and paramount chief of Waikato-Tainui, was invested as a Knight Commander of Grace of the Ancient and Most Noble Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem at Turangawaewae today.Kiingi Tuheitia Invested as Knight Commander of Order of St Lazarus

Kiingi Tuheitia, the Maori King and paramount chief of Waikato-Tainui, was invested as a Knight Commander of Grace of the Ancient and Most Noble Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem at Turangawaewae today.

The investiture was led by the Grand Prior of the Order in New Zealand, the Chevalier Colonel Andrew Renton-Green; assisted by the Chancellor Emeritus and Keeper of the Seal in New Zealand, Chevalier Professor Noel Chapman; the Chancellor of the Order in New Zealand, Chevalier Elwyn Eastlake; and the Deputy Chancellor, Chevalier Andrew Beattie.

“We are delighted that Kiingi Tuheitia accepted the high office of Knight Commander in our Order,” said the Chancellor of the Order in New Zealand, Chevalier Elwyn Eastlake.”He has a strong affinity with the humanitarian and charitable purposes of the Order and the King’s extensive relationships and influence throughout New Zealand, the Pacific islands and southeast Asia regions will be invaluable.”

Through his investiture, Kiingi Tuheitia joins other notable New Zealand members of the Order of St Lazarus including its Patron in New Zealand, the Governor-General , His Excellency The Honourable Sir Anand Satyanand, and the Chevalier Lt.General Jeremiah Mateparae, Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force.

Other members of the Order in attendance at today’s Investiture included Grand Prior Emeritus of New Zealand, Deputy Grand Hospitaller and Grand Magistral Member Chevalier Professor Brett Delahunt; Keeper of the Privy Seal (Australia) and Grand Magistral Delegate (Oceania) and Grand Magistral Member, Lady Primrose Potter; Chancellor Emeritus and Keeper of the Seal (New Zealand) Chevalier Noel Chapman; and Grand Prior Emeritus, Chevalier Clem Parker.

Despite Kiingi Tuheitia's disrespectful show of bad flag etiquette  -  some one replaced the 1834 Flag to the top of the flag pole once more.

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