AGENDA 2021 

It is prophesised that if the people do not stand up against Agenda 2021 that this year will be the last year that babies will be born free.

On PASSPORT page 20 & 21 is a symbol that looks very similar to this  ADRENOCHROME picture.

The LATIN translation​ of "para que tenhao vida" is : for that life tenhao


The TURKISH translation "para que tenhao vida" is: money que tenhao vida

The Croatian translation "para que tenhao vida" is : for what I have seen

Also you can clearly see on PASSPORT page 21 and on the picture - a SWAN nesting her chicks whilst a SERPENT sneaks around the back clutching what looks like an apple (could be symbolic of egg)

The cross symbolises the CHURCHs involvements with the EVIL act of baby sacrifice and ADRENOCHROME extracting.

This is why I oppose ORANGA TAMARIKI because 178 new born babies where uplifted under the JACINDA ADERN government and the CEO of ORANGA TAMARIKI - Gráinne MOSS was seen meeting the POPE.

passport code.jpg

If you look at your NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT - notice how the picture of your head is under the water on its side & your skin is grey .

This is MARITIME CODE for you are DEAD and LOST at SEA.

DEAD and LOST at SEA is how the NZGOV marks you at BIRTH (birthing a vessel) the midwife (MARRIES YOU TO THE SYSTEM) and you are given a SLAVE # called your BIRTH CERTIFICATE # - then your TRUST BONDS are TRADED on the STOCK MARKETand throughout your life you are a BONDSMAN or SLAVE - on the Bill Turner page of our website we have 6 easy steps for you to follow to undo the BONDSMAN effectively you will become FREE.

You will also see that your NAME on the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT and your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is in CAPITAL LETTERS - that is code for DEAD -a style of writing only seen on HEAD STONES at a CEMETERY.

Also if you look at the coloured pages within the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT - you will notice that they are the same colours as the NZ CURRENCY BILLS - that is because the pages inside the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT are bills of exchange and the colours represent that our country is BANKRUPT.

Countries that are not bankrupt do not have coloured money bills.

Also when a baby has a Baptism they are placed under the water in the ceremony - this represents killing the baby its called the BABTISM CERTIFICATE similar to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


When the picture is placed upside down you can make out the picture of the  HEART - SWORD - FLOWERS - STARS - CIRCLE - and the letters AR


AR means Ahriman, who is the evil spirit in Early Iranian Religion, Zoroastrianism, and Zorvanism, Lord of Darkness and Chaos, and the source of human confusion, disappointment, and strife.

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more weird shit.jpg
paasport piccode chaos ruins.jpg