How do I exit the NZ GOV & still get WINZ?

How to exit the NZ GOV and still get WINZ
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How to do the Claim of Right
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If you are not born in New Zealand - Do not exit NZ Gov 

You are welcome to read Peter's paperwork and edit your own details in and send it to the Minister of Internal Affairs. Peter became free from NZ GOV in 2010 and receives his WINZ entitlements and more. 


Attached you will find the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from NZ GOV to Peter

that came in 2011.

Peter has kindly allowed everyone in our country the opportunity to exit the NZ GOV too, by allowing everyone to edit their own details into his letter to NZ GOV that granted him acknowledgment of FREEDOM.

Step 1  Edit in your details into the word doc on the bottom left hand side of this page.

Step 2  Send it to MINISTER of INTERNAL AFFAIRS by track n trace courier

Step 3  Wait for your acknowledgement letter

Step 4 Text Peter and say thank you bro for making this easy az.

Please be pro active and do this process on your own - as we are

busy on many projects assisting vulnerable people in our Community to stay safe from Oranga Tamariki that we literally do NOT have the time to do this for each individual.


If you are still unable to complete this process on your own - then please be patient and wait for our video tutorials and documentary to be released.


Our videos are informative and created specifically to assist people who struggle with reading or who learn quicker by oral communication rather than visual.

Please support us so that we can support you.

Share our website so we can help more people.

PLEASE encourage new people to READ every thing on our website so

that new people who join us are already up to speed with the information that will help them.


Thank you for being awesome and joining us on our journey.


Monica and Peter.

Edit this word doc below

Common Law Copyright Notice WORD DOC.

1) Please edit in your own birth certificate  name into the areas that Peter has put his name 

2) PJM-220167-CN stands for Peter James Martin - his birthday -Copyright Notice

3) Wherever you see PJM-220167-CN please put in your birth certificate INITIALS -Your birthday - CN

Note: Dont do PPSR Bill Turner did it and once his 7 year period was up the NZ GOV seized property - Peter did the Universal Code - basically call him he will direct you to website

Peters method is next level 'ambush but if this is too intense then keep reading

If your too broke or lazy and/or happen to be an extrovert that enjoys going to Courts then do what Monica does


Monica does none of Peter's paperwork as she is not interested in doing the  annoying stuff that got us all trapped in the first instance


Plus being a keen gamer enjoys the sportsmanship of attending a court


Rule 1 - learn your rebuttals so you dont have to deal with annoying paperwork


Introduce yourself as the EXECUTOR OF (your name example:MONICA EASTICK) ESTATE.  Do this when  the opportunity allows your first Rebuttal (Never say the words STRAWMAN or other BLACKS LAW CODE it will annoy the judge and its not good sportsman-ship to outwardly annoy your opponent

Rule 2 - Listen to Judge as you need to Rebutt only what is claimed. If you are polite to the JUDGE sometimes they will give you the clue.....listen for them to repeat something in your favour, this is usually an indicator they want you to get a free ride 

Rule 3 - Refuse Legal assistance politely - they usually ask 2 or 3 times - so learn 3 different ways to politely refuse Legal Assistance

Rule 4 - Never embarrass the Judge - JUDGEY can be lovely,  yet be prepared for their usual rhetoric they throw at you - this is to test how good your are at court sports

JUDGE SERVE #1  You will need to get the assistance of a Lawyer ..."this is CODE for JUDGE wants to ensure the lower levels of COURT are going to get $$$$ from your ESTATE....kinda like throwing scraps to the dog....but you are prepared for this serve & have already rehearsed 3 different ways to rebut that offer to: contract you into the lowest ranking .

JUDGE SERVE #  2  This is a sovereignty issue and the courts have dealt with these arguments before and quite frankly your argument is proven by CASE LAW to be useless

REBUTT # 2  "Your honor i never said the word Sovereignty, what does Sovereignty mean?"  or 


"This is NOT a sovereignty issue this is an INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS CLAIM" or


" This is NOT a Sovereignty claim - I am entitled to see the CROWN uphold their requirements as guaranteed in Te Tiriti 1840 Agreement" or


"Sovereign? Are your referring to how it has been evidenced in the LAW LIBRARY that the PRIVY COUNCIL conclusively confirmed that NZ PARLIAMENT is not Sovereign as you cannot CONSTITUTE one COUNTRY with that of another? Was that what you were referring to Your Honor?"

Never say Sovereignty unless the Judge is using the word against you & you need to divert away.

Then once the JUDGE refuses to deal with your REBUTTALS he will allow the POLICE PROSECUTOR to take the beating, most Judges take delight in watching the Police get served, entrapped and unable to wriggle free :) use kind words but use them in a disciplinary fashion so that the Police can learn 

Don't ever say GUILTY & don't let the prosecutor get away with an easy extortion

When the PROSECUTOR tries to make overly inflated ridiculous claims about you...

Then quiz  the prosecutor to provide evidence they:


1-   Can prosecute the EXECUTOR of ESTATE

2 -  Provide evidence they has Jurisdiction over you

JUDGE SERVE #3    Judge will most likely interject making big fuss about JURISDICTION politely inform Judge that  "It is not Your Honor's  JURISDICTION I am questioning, I just come under a different JURISDICTION called Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa!"

Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is our Primary Jurisdiction, & has been recognized through-out history by many civilizations and is recognized by the current NZ CHIEF JUSTICE HON. Helen Winklemann"   :)

Then if Prosecutor keeps trying to extort you, at your leisure and at your own discretion apply these questions 


Quiz the prosecutor to:

3 -  Provide evidence of NZ Constitution

4-   Provide evidence that they are the correct Authority

5-   Provide evidence they can override a UNITED NATIONS  ORDER


Then once trap is layed - Monica provides evidence of:


1-   Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Jurisdiction  (Do the big historical lesson if need be)

2-   Constitution - which is the 1835 He Whakaputanga (read it out if you need) never  use D.O.I as it wont stand in COURT and is only for translation purposes

3-   United Nations Security & Safety Services paperwork that proves Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu is 'THE' Authority , by Royal Decree & by Treaty

4-    Refer to UNITED NATIONS DIPLOMATIC PRIVILEGES 1959 ORDER that is enshrined with NZ LEGISLATION which binds the JUDGE

5-  Learn how Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy was mandated into existence

6-   UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS 1948 - Article 14: Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. 


You are allowed to exit NZ and enter Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa to avoid persecution. Maori qualify for this, based on High Incarceration Rates that are Inhumane & Racist 


Note:  All Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Card Holders are employed on this Diplomatic

Mission and must uphold Diplomacy


Important:  The Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy have the right to revoke cards from

people who do horrible harm to others

Don't use fancy words or else the prosecutor wont understand you & you dont want

to be stuck in Court for hours...also dont get JURY TRIAL they are painfully slow

sometimes take weeks & you need to remember most people dont know the true

history of our nation and will probably apply ignorant racist bias's against you out of

social peer pressure or inability to think critically..  Judge Alone is always faster and

more fair as JUDGE knows the RULES of SPORT

The world is your Oyster! - As there are countless persecutions we have suffered, that

your ammunition is endless - even if COURT tries to rebut this info - we have more

and more and more and more info to serve up....... kinda like CHESS and the 288

billion different possible positions after just 4 moves

Build up a collection of about 10 sets of 4 entry moves, lay trap, grill the prosecutor, listen for ques, take free-rides from Judge, Never hinder the Judges ability to offer remedy - listen & learn the difference between needing to appeal against the Judge OR accepting the remedy offered by the judge , show no mercy to Police as they need to learn they are servants to us, and dont forget to request for your prize at the end

Hold Police to account of the highest degree,  request Punishment towards Police and Financial Remedy or else the Civil Servants will not take you seriously - learn the correct format of PRIVATE PROSECUTIONS against POLICE in HIGH COURTS - it cost $1600 but you can fill out waiver form. 


Use Te Reo under the HIGH COURT TOWN when lodging with HC,  its a HC rule, the

translations are in the HIGH COURT RULES online


You also need to know the full address of Police, but it can be the Wellington

corporate  address, or email can be your address which is *Service to be my email

pursuant to s6.7 of the HCR’s

Be non emotional but allow your voice to resonate -


These enforcers are obsessed with us - like stalkers they are compelled to spy on us, take our kids, jail us, and then pretend to care about us.....Do not be fooled!


There is a SYMBOL of a  Tui with a chain around its neck and legs, seen at

Ceremony's held within Marae by the "establishment"


Dont be that Tui! Okay! Be the Tui who sings loud and gets the treats!


Also why do the "establishment" have all the hidden symbolism?  


These are cultural differences that we will never understand just like rotten corn

& tripe   

Yay! so now u can choose Peters way or my way :)  or find your own way, what ever

is easiest.....but remember always be on guard as they are obsessed with putting

Maori in Prison , taking our property, destroying our D.N.A & usurping our Inheritance - there is enough documented evidence to support this statement

Also this is not rocket science, you dont have to be brainy like Peter to do this stuff, you just have to be brave enough to point out the most obvious of all the stuff I do was just sitting there dormant....waiting to be used correctly!

Flip the script but KISS :) 

Important: People who were not born in New Zealand should NOT exit New Zealand Government as they have an Immigration Contract that they need to uphold & may risk deportation.  People not born in Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa & who are Residents of New Zealand can support our Diplomatic Mission buy buying a one year Resident Card with limited Diplomatic Immunity for $100 a year - must show Residency details and Passport and Utility Bill.

How to do the Claim of Right
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Where the services of a NOTARY PUBLIC can not be obtained - you must use the CLAIMANT and TWO WITNESSES STRUCTURE as is defined in the BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT.

So dont be alarmed if a NOTARY PUBLIC refuses to stamp your CLAIM of RIGHT.

option 1)  get 2 witnesses to sign and date your CLAIM of RIGHT

option 2)  get Monica &  Peter to stamp and date your CLAIM of RIGHT  with the TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA EMBASSY Stamp

To be directed to the BILLS of EXCHANGE FORM please click below

If you struggle with filling out the BILLS of EXCHANGE FORM then just look at how Peter got his witnesses to sign his CLAIM of RIGHT.

Also its ok to not complete this process - for example Monica refuses to do this process because she rests upon the 1835 He Whakaputanga.

There are many ways to access your freedom - and it can only really be achieved once you reach a mental state of freedom.

Congratulations to Ric from Auckland who recieved his acknowledgment from NZ GOV

ricardos gov letter of acknowlagment.jpg

Q:  In order to maintain WINZ and IRD payments is it best to do a card with the name as per the name on our birth cert???

A:  You dont have to tell WINZ your out of the system if you dont feel like it. 

You are lucky when you buy a card from us, you can enjoy DUAL JURISDICTION.  So you just switch between what ever is benefiting you at the time.  For example if the cops pull you over to raid - then use the TE-MOANA-NUI A-KIWA card. But if you want to use your NZ PASSPORT to get on a flight then that's ok too. Just do what gives you best results each time.  Basically MAXIMISE your DUAL JURISDICTION.

Also Peter exited the NZ GOV IN 2010...he still gets WINZ and more! He uses his COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT NOTICE NUMBER and his DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARD with WINZ.


In 2010 Peter sent his CLAIM of RIGHT to INTERNAL AFFAIRS - and received an ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER in 2011.

In 2020 Jasmine from WHANGAREI copy and pasted her info directly into Peters CLAIM of RIGHT and sent it off to INTERNAL AFFAIRS and received this bizarre LETTER back .

The LETTER  that Jasmine received from INTERNAL AFFAIRS is bizarre for 4 reasons.

1) Why was the LETTER received so early after sending it off - example is this just an automated LETTER service now.

2) Who are the ISSUANCE TEAM THAT SIGNED THE letter?

3) How is the sovereign movement or freeman of the land a CONSPIRACY when a) Peter was acknowledged for the exact same CLAIM of RIGHT, and b) the 1835 He Whakaputanga document is on permanent display at the NATIONAL LIBRARY in WELLINGTON as a PUBLIC DISPLAY - ADMISSION IS FREE -ADDRESS: Corner Molesworth and Aitken Streets WELLINGTON 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm, Saturday

4) INTERNAL AFFAIRS is obviously being intentionally deceptive because who signed the LETTER?  It is fraudulent to have a signed LETTER without the person listed .

peter acknowledged.jpg


Monica and Peter are putting together a step by step video on how to exit out of the NZ GOV and still be able to claim your entitlements such as WINZ.

We will also be teaching people how to keep trading all the way through COVID 19 and how to not pay TAX.


Thanks for your patience ...we have nearly completed our JAIL BREAK PROJECT 2020 and will be doing more ANSWER & QUESTION styled Videos this Month.

We will also show you why its a terrible idea to VOTE for anyone in NZ GOV.


Also because NZ is bankrupt - when you buy a card from us you have entered into our Primary Jurisdiction of  Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa - and Yay! We are not bankrupt so its happy days!!!

Please read all the info on our website so you are up to speed with how we are protecting the people from the exploitative NZ GOV.


turn back now if you are not wanting to be overloaded with extra paperwork - like Monica :) 
Step one: Replace Peters name and details with your own
Step two:  Send paperwork to any GOVERNMENT department or CORPORATION who needs to be NOTIFIED 

YOU-TUBE member: tinamarie kahurangi  Posted this helpful reply on Peters WINZ VIDEO 

tinamarie kahurangi writes:

  "my experience, when I found out about the birth certificate and the name being copyright, and did some research, then I contacted the WINZ by phone and requested to meet with the manager. When I met with the manager I gave her some documents, with a PPSR and UCC attached and asked her to scan those documents to the national office in Wellington. The manager did but I could not access the right income however they placed me on a benefit, but when it came to the time to get your benefit renewed, as they usually send you out a form every year and you have to fill it out, sign it and return it, I did not. Instead when I received the envelope from winz I sent it back unopened and put return to sender in red pen on the front and crossed out the glass looking coffin, where your name can be seen through it. And the benefit continued to be issued, since then I have never filled out any more forms to renew since 2018. The winz provide a benefit to the entity name, and because the entity name is unable to sign documents, or even speak, you return any letters sent to the entity name, back using the same method. My security agreement and other documents attached confirmed me to be the authorized representative of the entity name, when they were given copies it is obvious they have read it, if that was the case, they would normally threaten to turn your benefit of, not only if you dont renew the benefit but also if you dont comply with the conditions attached to the benefit. I have not been into a winz office for three years since the last manager uploaded by documents. You have to send in documents of your standing, Declare it, you have to write other notices and accompanying evidence to the winz, those documents wont be able to be seen by front staff, only those in the national office. And those in the national office, like Chief Executive and Deputy executive only they know your papers that is filed with the entity surname and not on the actual file of the swift system that front line staff can see."