Are you being harrassed by the New Zealand Police?  Oranga Tamariki? Or Ministry Of Fisheries? Please read this website and learn how to defend yourself against New Zealand Government agents before a matter is taken to court

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Policing Act 2008

Subpart 5—Command and control of Police

30Command and control


No Police employee may, when exercising any power or carrying out any function or duty, act under the direction, command, or control of—


a Minister of the Crown; 

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All Videos


Kia Ora Monica.  How do we activate this authority? Do we  stand in this sovereignty? or is this even possible?  Would your wananga provide this knowledge?? 



Okay - Never say the word sovereignty it will get you into trouble with the NZ Courts and NZ Gov as they own that word and have a series of traps in place for people who claim to be soveriegns.


We dont have to activate our Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu Authority via paperwork - we are the mokopuna o Te Tinorangatiratanga.  We activate our Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu by acknowledging our tupuna - then we need to start the korero with our whanau and hapu.  Te Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu was a huihui in the sacred spiritual realm first and foremost.  There is no Badge or Paperwork or Book or SEA PASS Card required to activate your Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu. There is no enrolment process.  I make the SEA PASSES to wake our people up & so our people can identify as being part of their tribal nations. The Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu Authority comes from within ourselves, from within our DNA and when we unlock the knowledge that was stored within our DNA then we will wake &  move as one, even without being physically in contact...only then we will be a force to be reckoned with. 

I also dont do hui or wananga as it has proven to be futile. Te Wakaminenga is a huihui in the spiritual realm, those who are supposed to be - will already be the wairua. This must be understood before any physical hui takes place

He Tohu Exhibition


He Tohu Exhibition features the original 1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA O TE RANGATIRATANGA O NU TIRENI 


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Coming Soon!

Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu Ki Maniapoto

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Check out Peter Martin's Common Law Embassy! 
New Videos & Exclusive  Products!

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QUESTION: Why did Peter start the Common Law Embassy?

ANSWER:  Both Peter Martin & Monica Eastick could recognise that it was inappropriate to place an over-load of Common Law Information on our Native & Indigenous Websites - and we also recognised it wouldnt really suit placing Native & Indigenous info on the Common Law website - so we made Peter his own website and Common Law Embassy website show-cases Peters many Intellectul Talents, his Common Law & Legislative Solutions & Peter will also be offering Exclusive Products for his many Common Law fans.  There will also be exclusive "how to" videos coming soon on the Common Law Embassy website.


Peter's Projects will be: 

1- Common Law Embassy Services

2- Producing SEA PASS Cards   

3- Producing Videos

4- Diplomatic Assistance

 Purchase directly from Peter at

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Get your Royal 1834 Diplomatic Trading Flag now 

Kiwi Craze in Ngaruawahia -  9 Jesmond Street 

Special Flag Price - Negotiate Special Price when buying 10 Flags

$12 each single price in shop + Postage $

Phone Surya: 

0212356104 & 02102715953 &  07) 824 7050

Monday - Friday11:30 am - 5:30pm

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How the Diplomatic Immunity Cards work

The Diplomatic Immunity Cards have multiple functions and work as a preventative - ideally you would obtain a Diplomatic Immunity Card from us and present it to the New Zealand Government Agents if they are over stepping your human rights - the cards main feature is the 1834 flag displayed on our Diplomatic Immunity cards that was gifted by KING WILLIAM IV to the Tinorangatira (Maori High Chiefs)  in 1834 and is the actual correct flag of our nation. The 1834 flag has a very powerful standing which includes Diplomatic 

Immunity & being a PASSPORT into any land and water of the world.


As an official identification card that is independent from the New Zealand Government Identification Cards - this allows the card bearer the ability to "avoid entering into CONTRACT "with the New Zealand Government agents.

CONTRACT LAW is how the New Zealand Government Agents trick you into thinking you have broken the law - when in fact most of the time they are violating your HUMAN RIGHTS.  That is why we tell all of our followers not to sign anything.

NO CONTRACT = NO CASE.  In a civil matter if you have no contractual agreement with the POLICE or its Principle the CROWN agent capacity then the CASE does not apply to you - this can be brought up in court if you find yourself having to defend your innocence.

Your Diplomatic Immunity Card displays  your nation as being Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa.


Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is an internationally recognised independent nation.


Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is our  PRIMARY  jurisdiction that spans from Hawaii, Rapanui, Rarotonga, Samoa, Te-Waka-A-Maui, Te-Ika-A-Maui and Wharekauri.   New Zealand lays within Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa and  is a SECONDARY jurisdiction - this fact can be easily proven as NEW ZEALAND started in 1841 as the NEW ZEALAND LAND COMPANY.   A Company is a corporation and not really a country.

DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARDS are a necessity for people who live in a modern world - especially for Polynesians - because Polynesian people have unique cultural values that need to be protected.


Here at MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION we understand that the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT is an unlawful entity and want to assist people before they get into trouble with the NZ Police, Ministry of Fisheries or Oranga Tamariki.


Our SENIOR MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION team members can issue DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARDS to anyone who is born within TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA. - however we really need the card customers to support us also - we have grown to over 7000 members and are unable to give each individual personal support - please don't expect us to do your court cases - please learn the information available on this website and use your card and your initiative to become independent and free.

Please explore this website and watch all of the videos in order to gain confidence and ward off the New Zealand Government agents for yourself - the goal is to learn your rights before ORANGA TAMARIKI uplift your tamariki or before the NZ POLICE try to get you into a contract.  As once you are already in trouble it is a lot harder to get your self out of trouble.

NEW ZEALAND POLICE - Please be polite to the NEW ZEALAND POLICE at all times as they may not be aware of that they are acting ULTA VIRES or outside of their JURISDICTION. If the situation allows - please refer them to this website.  If you have harmed someone or stolen or broken someones property then you still will be held to account in the NEW ZEALAND COURTS. Our cards are designed to protect innocent people who become victims of the systemic abuses of NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT corporate interests and/or the modern legislation's that violate our HUMAN RIGHTS.

MINISTRY OF FISHERIES - Maori Ranger Security Division asks that everyone respects the FISHING RESERVES RULES in accordance with TIKANGA.

MINISTRY OF CHILDREN - What to do if Oranga Tamariki are attempting to uplift your child:


Step 1 - present your child's Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Diplomatic Immunity Card  and tell the NEW ZEALAND ORANGA TAMARIKI agents that: they have no jurisdiction over you - literally - because you come under the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa jurisdiction.

Step 2 - Politely but firmly instruct the Oranga Tamariki Agents to leave.  If they are accompanied by New Zealand Police then ask the Police :"have you observed a breach of the peace officer? If not then you are trespassing and you must leave the property as there is NO CRIME."

Step 3 - Do not sign anything (signing traps you into a contract that will be used against you in court) 


TIP:  NO CONTRACT = NO CASE.  In a civil matter if you have no contractual agreement with the POLICE or its Principle the CROWN agent capacity then the CASE does not apply to you - this can be brought up in court if you find yourself having to defend your innocence.

INTERNATIONAL RULES OF CONTRACTING : if there are NO BENEFITS to you then WHY would you CONTRACT?  Being forced to CONTRACT is called COMPELLED PERFORMANCE and is unlawful.


1 - There MUST be an offer

2 - There MUST be acceptance or a counter offer and then acceptance

3 - Quid Pro Quo - which means = something for something (known as consideration)

Note: Acceptance can be saying nothing - this is called acquiescence ( in other words your silence is considered consent)  

Example: If ORANGA TAMARIKI try and enter your home or offer you a food parcel or try and organise a whanau hui - then you MUST SAY NO.  ORANGA TAMARIKI agents are known to use the trick of OFFERING as a way to bind you into a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT.

IMPORTANT: If the other parent of your tamariki is the cause behind Oranga Tamariki interference - please arrange mediation with the other parent and explain to them the danger of going through the family court system is that you may both lose custody of your tamariki.  A peaceful resolve is always the best path to take in order to achieve minimal involvement with third party interlopers such as Oranga Tamariki.

When you purchase a $25 card for your tamariki - we put your tamariki into the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa jurisdiction - so that they are safe from the New Zealand Oranga Tamariki Agents.

Make sure you verbally tell the Oranga Tamariki Agents that they have no jurisdiction over you or your tamariki - tell them to leave.  If they keep coming back to your home and harassing you - then continue telling them to leave until they give up. Never surrender to Oranga Tamariki Agents - have a neighborhood wananga or drill practice - so that the parents and tamariki in your area are prepared and confident against the creepy Oranga Tamariki Agents.

Tamariki cards last 10 years which equates to $2.50c a year and are well worth the price.

When you obtain a Diplomatic Immunity Card from us we are really just reinstating the HUMAN RIGHTS you already had.  Please use your card at every opportunity so that the cards gain recognition - and the concept of human freedom becomes mainstream again.

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Dr. Mānuka Hēnare - 1835 He Whakaputanga

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare explains the 1835 He Whakaputanga and how Māori Sovereignty was NEVER ceded - it was in fact taken by force.

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare also makes note that a 1 -3% settlement is not considered fair in any other country in the world.

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare was highly respected influential Māori academic of Ngāti​ Hauā and Te Aupōuri, Te Rarawa and Ngāti Kahu.  

Please view Johnny Sol's You Tube Interviews of Dr. Mānuka Hēnare.  Sadly Dr. Mānuka Hēnare passed away 24 January 2021 & will be missed dearly

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Inherent Customary Rights - Collecting Paua

Baby Certificates available for $25
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Rātana leader urges followers to break away from Labour

The annual celebration of the church's late founder, Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana, is closed to political parties and manuhiri this year, as the church grapples with internal arguments.

It's only the second time the La