Kat Tonihi was doing military training & wanted to be in the Navy - she also worked as SECURITY at EVENTS and for DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION - So why was she used as a subject for a science SUBLIMINAL experiment that lasted 3 days?

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Waikato NuerologistKat Tonihi
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Kat suffered a seizure and crashed her car - shortly after doing a 3 day experiment that involved solving puzzles on a tv screen with flashing lights.


At the same time as being told to work in a 1080 contaminated area - that had visible 1080 dust. Kat was made to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY FORM and was instructed to hide 1080 poisoned animal carcasses in hay bails.

Kat is a mokopuna of Princess Te Puea and has a large Inheretence that a Trust have taken control of. 

A police woman is involved in the Trust that has pushed Kat's family off her land. 

A medical colleague has confirmed that Lumber Puncture is not required from seizure patients.

So what is really going on here?

Maori Ranger Security Division are investigating these incidents which will feature in our Documentary coming soon.