Your Allowed Guns

The New Zealand Government is not allowed to remove guns from Tangatawhenua, Maori - based on the gun for land receipts - if they come for your guns just tell them you will exchange your guns for ALL the land your tupuna (Ancestors) exchanged for guns. 

It is double jeopardy to take someones land and guns trade the land back or don't take my guns :) cant take both things off me NZ GOV.

 Just dont say the word Firearms

guns for land.jpg

You have a right to bear arms - that's why they let you have guns in the first place.

So the next time the NZ POLICE come and try get your guns off you - tell them that they have no jurisdiction over you and that they need to leave.

If they use force in any way and try and remove your guns - then write their name and number down and take them to your closest HIGH COURT and tell the judge you are seeking financial reparation from the NZ POLICE OFFICERS for violating YOUR INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHT to bear arms- or carry guns on the whenua and in your waka- deregister your car and put one of our flags in the rego area.

Fly a 1835 flag at the front of your property and put a sign up that says NO TRESSPASSING - HAPU LAW ENFORCE - TE MOANA NUI A KIWA JURISDICTION - NO ENTRY.


A NO TRESSPASSING _ DO NOT ENTER SIGN is a written CONTRACT and the NZ POLICE have to obide by CONTRACT LAW since it is the ONLY LAW they can LAWFULLY use on us.  So if YOU dont let them trick you into CONTRACT but you use your CARD to get NZ POLICE into CONTRACT then you have the upper hand.


(use lower case when you type the police officers names)


ALWAYS use the words gun or guns

Please watch this video to learn why its worse to REGISTER a firearms with the NZ GOV


Oh yeah and buy a card from us - the card is a CONTRACT and when you show the NZ POLICE they have accepted the CONTRACT which includes the terms and conditions on your CARD - being DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY - and being under TIKANGA IN ACCORDANCE 1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA :)

Tikanga is Maori Law, and it is important to understand that if you break Tikanga or Common Law then we wont be able to help you - Tikanga is important to protect our Polynesian values and Common Law is important to protect us aswell 

If the JUDGE in any COURT gives you grief about the NZ LAWS or ACTS or BILLS just remind the JUDGE that you are a TINORANGATIRA and you only need to HONOR TIKANGA in accordance to the IMPERIAL LAW 1835 HE WHAKAPUTANGA.


Remind the JUDGE they deal in SLAVES and birth certificate BONDSMAN and DEBT BONDAGE which according to the 1961 CRIMES ACT - 98: SLAVERY IN ALL ITS FORMS is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE and liable to 14 years in prison

The SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION is where the NZ GOV traded you as a BONDSMAN or SLAVE or DEBT BONDAGE up until 2012