TRADE - In honour of the 1834 Maritime Trading flag gifted by KING GEORGE IV & KING WILLIAM IV to our tupuna (ancestors) TINORANGATIRATANGA (high chiefs) - we accept trade and are protected by IMPERIAL LAW when we trade .  The 1834 Trading Flag on your card is very powerful and has multiple protections and functions.  It is also a COURT VESSEL, a CONTRACT and a POSTAL VESSEL.  POST MASTER is the HIGHEST RANK in ADMIRALITY LAW that is why soldiers get POSTED to war.  Also the dogtag of a NZ WAR VET used to access the code to their trust - if you are a NZ WAR VET try putting a 10c stamp on the back of your utility bills and write in your dog tag number and send it back to the sender and see if your bills get paid - let us know if it still works so we can tell the other VETS who are struggling to pay thier power bills etc.

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Cash is accepted at our KAWAKAWA and WAIKATO and CHRISTCHURCH offices, at HAPUU HUI and other GROUP GATHERINGS.


When placing a Bank Transfer Please put your name in the Reference area so we can identify who the payment is from. 


Our SOUTH ISLAND ONLINE ORDERS via Monica can be payed into  ASB account: 12-3449-0702487-00 or visit Monica at the CHRISTCHURCH OFFICE on BEALEY AVE. 

Monica is available for MARAE GROUP HUI - ideal for large MARAE card order groups over 15 people.  Monica can come to your MARAE anywhere in SOUTH ISLAND by appointment and travel koha cost.


For  NORTHLAND & AUCKLAND ONLINE ORDERS  - please Contact Craig directly on 02108709449 or visit Craig at the KAWAKAWA OFFICE.

For WAIKATO orders please CONTACT Peter on 0210424434.  Peter is available for group hui card sales.  Peter is currently in CHRISTCHURCH working on the JAIL BREAK PROJECT 2020 documentary - so group hui in CHRISTCHURCH only thank you.  Online WAIKATO orders please pay Peter by bank transfer into KIWIBANK 38-9003-0509874-00.

NATIONAL ORDERS & other TOWNS please contact any one of our team members to arrange an online card order.

When you make a payment please send


1 - a pic of your current passport or license. (Adults only)

2 - Complete this information form

   and email it to Monica, Peter or Craig.

3 - a selfie photo that looks like a passport photo for your new card.


Please choose either Monica, Kat, Peter or Craig to complete your card process - do not email all of us otherwise its too confusing.

We SECURE PARTY  your new Diplomatic Immunity Inherent Right card - and keep your details confidential.


We only ask for them because we need to keep good record as we plan to become a  PASSPORT  OFFICE and compete directly against INTERNAL AFFAIRS NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT - because lets be honest - there passports are a total rip off

To learn about the CODES that are HIDDEN in the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORTS - check out the PETER MARTIN videos 

passport code.jpg

If you look at your NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT - notice how the picture of your head is under the water on its side & your skin is grey .

This is MARITIME CODE for you are DEAD and LOST at SEA.

DEAD and LOST at SEA is how the NZGOV marks you at BIRTH (birthing a vessel) the midwife (MARRIES YOU TO THE SYSTEM) and you are given a SLAVE # called your BIRTH CERTIFICATE # - then your TRUST BONDS are TRADED on the STOCK MARKETand throughout your life you are a BONDSMAN or SLAVE - on the Bill Turner page of our website we have 6 easy steps for you to follow to undo the BONDSMAN effectively you will become FREE.

You will also see that your NAME on the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT and your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is in CAPITAL LETTERS - that is code for DEAD -a style of writing only seen on HEAD STONES at a CEMETERY.

Also if you look at the coloured pages within the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT - you will notice that they are the same colours as the NZ CURRENCY BILLS - that is because the pages inside the NEW ZEALAND PASSPORT are bills of exchange and the colours represent that our country is BANKRUPT.

Countries that are not bankrupt do not have coloured money bills.





The four corners rule contract law, also known as the patrol evidence rule, stipulates that if two parties enter into a written agreement, they cannot use oral or implied agreements in court to contradict the terms of the written agreement.

The term "four corners" refers to the four corners of a document. Basically, it implies that the only legal parts of the contract are within the four corners of a page or online document.

Because the 1834 Flag was gifted by KING WILLIAM IV to our Tinorangatira Tupuna (High Chief Ancestors) and it was raised up the flag pole at Waitangi 28th October 1835 to mark the signing of the 1835 He Whakaputanga - those autographs of our TUPUNA are the signiture of the flag and therefore because we put the 1834 FLAG upon your DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY INHERENT RIGHTS card - IT MAKES YOUR CARD A CONTRACT -DOCUMENT - COURT VENUE and POSTAL VESSEL - SEA PASS PASSPORT



We are only just making cards for people who were born within the TE MOANA NUI A KIWA jurisdiction - our priority is to make cards for people who are being systematically picked on by nz police and oranga tamariki .


If you were born outside of the TE MOANA NUI A KIWA jurisdiction - thanks for your interest but we cant make u a card at the moment because the people of our nation are the main priority - with time and permission from all hapu we may be able to make foreigners who have NZ citizenship cards - but for now we make cards as a direct counter maneuver against the imposing NZ gov regime that harms our people

Due to insanely slow post mail services - and undelivered mail you can opt for courier at:


$10 standard area overnight courier track n trace

$20 for rural delivery courier track n trace

$50 to Australia courier track n trace