Maori Ranger Security Division 

- United Maori Land Owners & Kaitiaki
- Activate your Hapu Authority
- Learn about Inherent Customary 
- Fishing and  Hunting Rights that can     never be extinguished
- Learn about History and Tikanga 
- Law and Enviroment
- Purchase a Native Identity Card
- Fly 1834 Maritime Trading Flag
- Read 1835 He Whakaputanga 
- Recognise Te Moana Nui A Kiwa Jurisdiction
- Activate your Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu simply with wairua - no paperwork or card required or enrolment required
- Start the Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu Conversation with your whanau & hapu members 

MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION badges  are gifted to people we would like to recruit based on their honorable actions, elite skills and services to our islands of Te Ika A Maui & Te Waka A Maui

Original Badges are not numbered as they were earnt by hard mahi

All new Maori Ranger Security Division recruits recieve a numbered badge and are under a testing phase

The Maori Ranger Security Division was founded over 30 years ago by Maori Battalion S.A.S Soldiers

Maori Battalion S.A.S Soldiers designed the badges we wear today - the design includes the 3 Kete of knowledge and other taonga.
The original badges had the word NEW ZEALAND on them, but were later changed to Te Ika A Maui.   
Te Ika A Maui & Te Waka A Maui are our main islands & our Primary jurisdiction is called Te Moana Nui A Kiwa - These names are ancient and are based on the ancestral waka migration routes that spanned from Hawaii to Rapanui and Te Ika A Maui. There are many triangular waka routes within Te Moana Nui A Kiwa which include Rarotonga, Norfolk Islands and Whare Kauri (Chatham Islands).
Our Maori Ranger Security Division Team members are volunteers who have Military backgrounds or highly skilled in other areas .

We are involved in many projects that assist vulnerable and innocent people who are unable to defend themselves appropriately.
We are currently working on a project that involves issuing Diplomatic Immunity Inherent Rights Cards to people who are systematically picked on by the New Zealand Authorities .
The  JAIL BREAK PROJECT 2020 -We are documenting  our journey as we explore the New Zealand Justice System and corporate motives behind the New Zealand Prison Systems. We will be researching who has shares in the New Zealand Prisons and uploading a video documentary once we have completed our project.

​We teach Hunting and Fishing members about their INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS THAT CAN NEVER BE EXTINGUISHED, in order to assist them against unlawful racketeering from various unlawful authority's.
are respected in the community - and have a jurisdiction
ranking higher than  NEW ZEALAND POLICE 
For further information please contact our team.

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