Are you being harrassed by the NZ POLICE? ORANGA TAMARIKI? Or MINISTRY OF FISHERIES? Please read this website and learn how to defend yourself against New Zealand Government agents before a matter is taken to court

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QUESTION: Why did Peter start the Common Law Embassy?

ANSWER:  Both Peter Martin & Monica Eastick could recognise that it was inappropriate to place an over-load of Common Law Information on our Native & Indigenous Websites - and we also recognised it wouldnt really suit placing Native & Indigenous info on the Common Law website - so we made Peter his own website and Common Law Embassy website show-cases Peters many Intellectul Talents, his Common Law & Legislative Solutions & Peter will also be offering Exclusive Products for his many Common Law fans.  There will also be exclusive "how to" videos coming soon on the Common Law Embassy website.


Peter's Projects will be: 

1- Common Law Embassy Services

2- Producing SEA PASS Cards   

3- Producing Videos

4- Diplomatic Assistance

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Brave Young Dad defends himself against Police Woman who threatens to lock his baby in car

Get your Royal 1834 Diplomatic Trading Flag now 

Kiwi Craze in Ngaruawahia -  9 Jesmond Street 

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Phone Surya: 

0212356104 & 02102715953     -      Landline:    07) 824 7050

Monday - Friday11:30 am - 5:30pm

Inherent Customary Rights - Collecting Paua



The Citizens Handbook - Credit to RNZ & TVNZ

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Please Note: Te Wai Pounamu = Te-Waka-A-Maui

& Rakiura = Te-Punga-O-Te-Waka-A-Maui

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Ancestral Sites Destroyed:

TE TAOU tribal elders seek the help of Maori Rangers

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Thank-you : John Edwards from Rewiti Village

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Christchurch Police corruption - Samoan man gets

set up & Peter helps vacate the mans guilty plea 

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Credit to: WAKA HUIA - TVNZ & all involved in the making of this important doco & attendees of  28th October 2020 hui at Te-Tau-O-Te-Rangatira - Te Tii field

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Monica explains how New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister has committed crimes against the kaitiaki

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Credit to: Monica's mates who let me use their pics in my videos

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How the Diplomatic Immunity Cards work

The Diplomatic Immunity Cards have multiple functions and work as a preventative - ideally you would obtain a Diplomatic Immunity Card from us and present it to the New Zealand Government Agents if they are over stepping your human rights - the cards main feature is the 1834 flag displayed on our Diplomatic Immunity cards that was gifted by KING WILLIAM IV to the Tinorangatira (Maori High Chiefs)  in 1834 and is the actual correct flag of our nation. The 1834 flag has a very powerful standing which includes Diplomatic 

Immunity & being a PASSPORT into any land and water of the world.


As an official identification card that is independent from the New Zealand Government Identification Cards - this allows the card bearer the ability to "avoid entering into CONTRACT "with the New Zealand Government agents.

CONTRACT LAW is how the New Zealand Government Agents trick you into thinking you have broken the law - when in fact most of the time they are violating your HUMAN RIGHTS.  That is why we tell all of our followers not to sign anything.

NO CONTRACT = NO CASE.  In a civil matter if you have no contractual agreement with the POLICE or its Principle the CROWN agent capacity then the CASE does not apply to you - this can be brought up in court if you find yourself having to defend your innocence.

Your Diplomatic Immunity Card displays  your nation as being Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa.


Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is an internationally recognised independent nation.


Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is our  PRIMARY  jurisdiction that spans from Hawaii, Rapanui, Rarotonga, Samoa, Te-Waka-A-Maui, Te-Ika-A-Maui and Wharekauri.   New Zealand lays within Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa and  is a SECONDARY jurisdiction - this fact can be easily proven as NEW ZEALAND started in 1841 as the NEW ZEALAND LAND COMPANY.   A Company is a corporation and not really a country.

DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARDS are a necessity for people who live in a modern world - especially for Polynesians - because Polynesian people have unique cultural values that need to be protected.


Here at MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION we understand that the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT is an unlawful entity and want to assist people before they get into trouble with the NZ Police, Ministry of Fisheries or Oranga Tamariki.


Our SENIOR MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION team members can issue DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARDS to anyone who is born within TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA. - however we really need the card customers to support us also - we have grown to over 7000 members and are unable to give each individual personal support - please don't expect us to do your court cases - please learn the information available on this website and use your card and your initiative to become independent and free.

Please explore this website and watch all of the videos in order to gain confidence and ward off the New Zealand Government agents for yourself - the goal is to learn your rights before ORANGA TAMARIKI uplift your tamariki or before the NZ POLICE try to get you into a contract.  As once you are already in trouble it is a lot harder to get your self out of trouble.

NEW ZEALAND POLICE - Please be polite to the NEW ZEALAND POLICE at all times as they may not be aware of that they are acting ULTA VIRES or outside of their JURISDICTION. If the situation allows - please refer them to this website.  If you have harmed someone or stolen or broken someones property then you still will be held to account in the NEW ZEALAND COURTS. Our cards are designed to protect innocent people who become victims of the systemic abuses of NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT corporate interests and/or the modern legislation's that violate our HUMAN RIGHTS.

MINISTRY OF FISHERIES - Maori Ranger Security Division asks that everyone respects the FISHING RESERVES RULES in accordance with TIKANGA.

MINISTRY OF CHILDREN - What to do if Oranga Tamariki are attempting to uplift your child:


Step 1 - present your child's Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Diplomatic Immunity Card  and tell the NEW ZEALAND ORANGA TAMARIKI agents that: they have no jurisdiction over you - literally - because you come under the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa jurisdiction.

Step 2 - Politely but firmly instruct the Oranga Tamariki Agents to leave.  If they are accompanied by New Zealand Police then ask the Police :"have you observed a breach of the peace officer? If not then you are trespassing and you must leave the property as there is NO CRIME."

Step 3 - Do not sign anything (signing traps you into a contract that will be used against you in court) 


TIP:  NO CONTRACT = NO CASE.  In a civil matter if you have no contractual agreement with the POLICE or its Principle the CROWN agent capacity then the CASE does not apply to you - this can be brought up in court if you find yourself having to defend your innocence.

INTERNATIONAL RULES OF CONTRACTING : if there are NO BENEFITS to you then WHY would you CONTRACT?  Being forced to CONTRACT is called COMPELLED PERFORMANCE and is unlawful.


1 - There MUST be an offer

2 - There MUST be acceptance or a counter offer and then acceptance

3 - Quid Pro Quo - which means = something for something (known as consideration)

Note: Acceptance can be saying nothing - this is called acquiescence ( in other words your silence is considered consent)  

Example: If ORANGA TAMARIKI try and enter your home or offer you a food parcel or try and organise a whanau hui - then you MUST SAY NO.  ORANGA TAMARIKI agents are known to use the trick of OFFERING as a way to bind you into a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT.

IMPORTANT: If the other parent of your tamariki is the cause behind Oranga Tamariki interference - please arrange mediation with the other parent and explain to them the danger of going through the family court system is that you may both lose custody of your tamariki.  A peaceful resolve is always the best path to take in order to achieve minimal involvement with third party interlopers such as Oranga Tamariki.

When you purchase a $25 card for your tamariki - we put your tamariki into the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa jurisdiction - so that they are safe from the New Zealand Oranga Tamariki Agents.

Make sure you verbally tell the Oranga Tamariki Agents that they have no jurisdiction over you or your tamariki - tell them to leave.  If they keep coming back to your home and harassing you - then continue telling them to leave until they give up. Never surrender to Oranga Tamariki Agents - have a neighborhood wananga or drill practice - so that the parents and tamariki in your area are prepared and confident against the creepy Oranga Tamariki Agents.

Tamariki cards last 10 years which equates to $2.50c a year and are well worth the price.

When you obtain a Diplomatic Immunity Card from us we are really just reinstating the HUMAN RIGHTS you already had.  Please use your card at every opportunity so that the cards gain recognition - and the concept of human freedom becomes mainstream again.

0000 te moana nui a kiwa mermaid example


expires 2030

Children 18 and under identification card.

Has multiple features

Lasts 10 years 




expires 2030

Adult 19 years and over identification card.

Has multiple features

Lasts 10 years 



0000 baby logo.png


expires 2025

Baby identification card.

Has multiple features

Lasts 5 years 



Dr. Mānuka Hēnare - 1835 He Whakaputanga

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare explains the 1835 He Whakaputanga and how Māori Sovereignty was NEVER ceded - it was in fact taken by force.

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare also makes note that a 1 -3% settlement is not considered fair in any other country in the world.

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare was highly respected influential Māori academic of Ngāti​ Hauā and Te Aupōuri, Te Rarawa and Ngāti Kahu.  

Please view Johnny Sol's You Tube Interviews of Dr. Mānuka Hēnare.  Sadly Dr. Mānuka Hēnare passed away 24 January 2021

Baby Certificates available for $25
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Welcome to Waata John Keating 

Rātana leader urges followers to break away from Labour

The annual celebration of the church's late founder, Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana, is closed to political parties and manuhiri this year, as the church grapples with internal arguments.

It's only the second time the Labour Party won't be at Rātana in the 84-year history of their alliance - however, some Labour MPs with ties to the church will attend.

"Other than that, the heads of the church and the movement have remained loyal to Labour only out of tradition, not out of policy, and not out of the advancement or the effectiveness of the relationship."

He said it was time for Rātana to reinstate its political independence again.

"We have lost our grip and our way and our own political legacy, that being the Rātana Independent Party, [and] the time should come again that the Rātana Independent Party be reinstated so it is no longer suffocated under the history of Labour and the tendency to silence the Māori voice for the sake of the mainstream."

Panui - Public Notice: Te Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu

TRADITIONALLY - In 1835 when the Tinorangatira O Nga Hapu were meeting at the WAKAMINENGA in WAITANGI they didn't have airplanes and to meet once a week would be impossible.  In accordance with the 1835 He Whakaputanga - Moari Rangers meet only twice a year in WAITANGI.  If other groups are calling huis claiming to WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAPU O NU TIRENI then they are not with us.

We meet on the 3rd Feb til the 6th of Feb for the purpose of giving notice to the New Zealand Government Representatives and discuss other matters of importance.

Then we meet on the 25th October til the 28th of October in order to discuss matters of great importance with other Tinorangatira, learn whats happening in other hapu territory and frame and pass laws in accordance with tikanga.

PANUI - PUBLIC NOTICE - 27th & 28th October Annual Hui at Hauraki Whetu Matai Marae

PANUI - This is an an invitation to all Tinorangatira o nga hapu - who are invited to Te-Tau-O-Te-Rangatira on Te Tii field tent every 27th and 28th of October - whanau members of Tinorangatira please inform those Tinorangatira who do not have internet access of this invitation.

PURPOSE- To gather at TE WAKAMINENGA TENT in order to discuss, frame and pass laws in accordance with He Whakaputanga 1835.


5am - raising of the 1834 He Whakaputanga flag - Trading Flag gifted by KIng William IV - this occurred on Te Tau O Te Rangatira ( grass field at Te Tii Marae Waitangi)

5:30 am - Roll Call for the Tinorarangatira who autographed 1835 He Whakaputanga 


Monica Eastick presented the KUPAPA SUPPRESSION ACTION 2020 in the tent - which basically would put a stop to Traitors who sign off on the sale of shared resources.

And many others who traveled from all over - shared their concerns and solutions in regards to systems that need to be replaced and solutions that can be immediately implemented.


Billy Te Kahika: presented a proposal that would stop agenda 21 and 5g.

MORE UPDATES: There will be more updates to come once we edit and compose our videos and Panui.

Special Flag Price $12 Each

Kiwi Craze in Ngaruawahia 

9 Jesmond Street 

Special Flag Price

Negotiate Special Price when buying 10 Flags

$12 each single price in shop + Postage $

Phone Surya: 

0212356104 & 02102715953     

Landline:    07) 824 7050

Monday - Friday11:30 am - 5:30pm

Ex Navy Merchant explains the Importance of Flags

Welcome to Wharekauri Tinorangatira Tama Tuuta - Thompson

chatam  map.jpg

Wharekauri also known as the Chatham Islands was historically an important trading island of Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa and the locals have a vested interest in becoming independent from New Zealand as the population ratio per massive natural resources would render Chatham Islanders one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

Currently the District Council and Ministry of Primary Industries along with other Corporate Interests have exploitative methods that have the locals getting payed less than the minimum wage yet the locals are forced to pay upto 10 times more for food and other goods on the Island.

The introduction of the E-DECKHAND DIGITAL MONITORING SPYWARE was another example of the MINISTRY OF PRIMARY INDUSTRIES  corporate sabotage that not only violate the privacy and INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS of the CHATHAM ISLAND family orientated fisherman but also cost an extortative amount of $5000 per boat - and was clearly designed in order to steal the sacred fishing spots known to the local fisherman.

Monica conducted a door to door survey on the Chatham Islands in 2019 that collected data in relation to how the local fisherman felt about the E-DECKHAND and learnt that the E-DECKHAND representatives called the local fisherman to a meeting where they were made to believe that the E-DECKHAND was compulsory - when in fact NO CORPORATION such as MPI or Ministry of Fisheries can force this type of violation upon an entire community - especially when this type of technology could lead to the inevitable fines and risk of locals losing their skipper licenses and boats via MPI monitoring and interference.

Considering that a major source of income for the CHATHAM ISLANDERS rely upon the fishing resources it is concerning that the current infrastructure on the island is controlled by an amalgamated entity that dictate the landing prices and exploit it to the disadvantage of the local workers.

Local Kaumatua who have bought the Diplomatic Immunity Cards remember the 1834 trading flag from when Ko Huiarau came to the Islands to sign up the locals - unfortunately the local kaumatua told Maori Ranger Security Division that Ko Huiarau scammed Ngati Mutunga Ki Wharekauri Trust out of $1 Million dollars.  This is one of many exploitative New Zealand groups who have preyed upon the Chatham Islanders.

Local Tohunga told Maori Rangers how in the 1970s the New Zealand Government Agents offered every family on the island $2000 to leave perminately - this was because the Islanders had massive natural resources that the New Zealand Government wanted to exploit.

In 1986 Jim Bulger came to the island and told the Mayor at the time that:


"if the islanders tried to go independent that the NZ ARMY would be there and would take out the islanders in a blink of an eye"

Many islanders now support Maori Ranger Security Division and have learnt the history of the 1834 flag and the 1835 He Whakaputanga.


Tama Tuuta-Thompson will be trained for the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Ambassador position for Wharekauri.

We are seeking to train a Rarotongan and Samoan Ambassador to complete our Pacific Island Embassy.


We are a NATION of ISLANDS called


Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwi is our Island Nation - also known as the Polynesian Triangle - and includes the Islands of Wharekauri, Te-Ika-A-Maui, Te-Waka-A-Maui, Rarotonga, Rapanui, Hawaii and Samoa.


With a unique geographical span that includes vast marine areas our unique island nation has unfortunately since the introduction of  inaccurate teachings - conceptually been cut up into separate islands.


In modern times not many people accurately envisage Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa as being the one nation in which it is.  Many people view New Zealand as a nation - yet the New Zealand Land Company was only established in 1841 and if anything is a secondary entity that lay within Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa - the primary island nation.

Polynesian people have a rich cultural history and unique cultural values that need to be protected  - and although gestures of tokenism is shown towards Maori - a genuine appreciation of our Polynesian Culture cannot be achieved if the nation of Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is continuously ignored by its own inhabitants and the New Zealand Government Ministers.


The ethical dilemma for the current New Zealand Ministers, is that Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa is an internationally recognised nation.  Recognised by the United Nations and many other country's and  historians. 


For certain Maori Leaders such as Nanaia Mahuta the Foreign Affairs Minister who refuse to acknowledge the people who identify as belonging to Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa - the question of ethical conduct must be addressed.


Why does the first female Maori  Foreign Affairs Minister refuse to recognise the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa  Jurisdiction and Embassy? 

And how long are these types of Maori Ministers going to keep up the denial game?  


The Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy  and Maori Ranger Security Division are actively involved in dispelling the false history's that have damaged the way in which we see ourselves as Polynesians. 


We have over time adopted many harmful  modern practices that could be corrected by respecting the traditional methods of the Polynesian people - whilst respecting the independence of each island and hapu territory.


Welcome to Ngaruawahia Tohunga George Monsall

and all the new MAORI RANGERS :)


ALJAZEERA News Reporter seeks answers from  Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta for selling off the SEABED & FORESHORE

Kupapa Suppression Action 2020


1)  The definition of KUPAPA is a traitor:

    (a)    A KUPAPA consists of anyone who puts their own selfish interests before their own hapu,                other hapu and people

    (b)    A KUPAPA consists of anyone who signed off on the sale of:

            (i)    Sea-bed and Foreshore

            (ii)   Sacred whenua sites

            (iii)  Community owned natural resources

    (c)    A KUPAPA consists of anyone who harmed a:

            (i)    tamariki for financial gain via state funded ventures

            (ii)   whanau for financial gain via state funded ventures

    (d)    A KUPAPA consists of anyone who signed off on the use of 1080 poison

    (e)    A KUPAPA consists of anyone who creates or uses a TRUST in a harmful manner towards                other people

            (i)   Example: when TRUST BOARD members fine or punish other hapu members for                                collecting kai on their own  whenua

            (ii)   Example: when TRUST BOARD members sign off on selling the hapu shared resources 

            (iii)  Example: when TRUST BOARD members collude with DISTRICT COUNCILS and POLICE                     at the jeopardy of other hapu members


2)  Any man or woman who commits or performs any of the actions listed in the above sections         1; commits  an offence against the Wakaminenga and all those present and by contract who           consent to this lore; shall  be labelled a Kupapa and be forbidden to have a representative               capacity from the day they are adjudged Kupapa.

     (a)   Basically anyone who is a proven KUPAPA will be forbidden to sign or speak on behalf of                   tangata  whenua people ever again.


3)  This was written in accordance to Article 3 of the He Wakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tireni 1835

Kupapa Suppression Action 2020 idea was verbally expressed on the 21st March on Te-Tau-O-Te-Rangatira on Te-Tii Marae field at Waitangi at a HUI of over 60 attendants, that was called for the purpose of inviting the southern tribes to be part of activating ARTICLE 3 of 1835 He Whakaputanga 


ARTICLE 3. The hereditary chiefs and heads of tribes agree to meet in Congress at Waitangi in the autumn of each year, for the purpose of framing laws for the dispensation of justice, the preservation of peace and good order, and the regulation of trade; and they cordially invite the Southern tribes to lay aside their private animosities and to consult the safety and welfare of our common country, by joining the Confederation of the United Tribes.

Kupapa Suppression Action 2020 was then presented by Monica Eastick who gave a speech and distributed the written version to the attendees present at the hui - on the 28th October 2020 in the WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAPU TENT at Te-Tau-O-Te-Rangatira - which is located on the field at Te-Tii Marae Waitangi 

PURPOSE - Of Kupapa Suppression Action 2020: To remove the traitors who are intentionally & systematically & repeatedly harming our people for financial gain.

Getting Annoying Fines in the Post?






Your :name:familyname:

Your address

Your postcode

PO BOX 3175





It is my understanding that the NZ POLICE have taken ADVERSE POSSESSION of the roads which belong to us -Te Tangata- Te Kaitiaki o Papatuanuku- and that the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT is unlawfully seeking persons to pay fines.

TO WHOM SHALL WE PAY THE FINES TOO: Te-Tangata or Papatuanuku?

I do not accept the FINES you sent to my address as I have NO CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT with the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT - I give NOTICE that the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT can no longer send me LETTERS or send AGENTS in regards to these matters.

I come under the TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA jurisdiction which is the PRIMARY JURISDICTION  of TE-IKA-A-MAUI and TE-WAKA-A-MAUI


I REBUTT the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT to prove your jurisdiction in regards to any matters you claim – if you claim  jurisdiction over me then send me the  proof of your jurisdiction in the mail before you attempt to financially extort myself and/or anyone else .

This letter was written in accordance to 1835 He Whakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tireni -that qualified 'Te Tiriti o Waitangi' (1840) which qualified The Land Ordinance 1841, Inherent Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (The Judiciary) , The New Zealand Constitution 1852. 


11) The NEW ZEALAND CONSTITUTION ACT 1986, or the LAND TRANSPORT ACT 1998 does not bind me


Ko wai te whakapapa o te Ministry of TRANSPORT?

Autographed  :yourname:lastname:

(place a pic of  your card on the letter to prove your standing) 



(note: this can work for rates and basically any gov dept - just change the words to suit - if you choose to take this stance - then you need be 3 steps ahead and put your contracts and no soliciting signs up at your place of residence - a no soliciting sign works to ward off all gov agents coz they are $$$$ soliciting for financial incentives and by doing so must obey CONTRACT LAW)  its also a good idea to keep receipts of courier track and trace deliveries to these Government Departments - and be prepared to defend your stance.

0000 monica logo.png
0000 te moana nui a kiwa mermaid example


expires 2030

Children 18 and under identification card.

Has multiple features

Lasts 10 years 




expires 2030

Adult 19 years and over identification card.

Has multiple features

Lasts 10 years 



0000 baby logo.png


expires 2025

Baby identification card.

Has multiple features

Lasts 5 years 



Maori Ranger Security Division - Maori Battalion S.A.S 


The Maori Ranger Security Division was founded over 30 years ago by Maori Battalion S.A.S Soldiers

Maori Battalion S.A.S Soldiers designed the badges we wear today - the design includes the 3 Kete of knowledge and other taonga.

The original badges had the word NEW ZEALAND on them, but were later changed to Te Ika A Maui.   


Te-Ika-A-Maui was the name of our country before the English settlers arrived. The Primary jurisdiction of our country is called Te-Moana-Nui-A-KIwa - and is based on the ancestral waka migration routes that spanned from Hawaii to Rapanui and Te-Ika-A-Maui. There are many triangular waka routes within Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa which include Rarotonga, Norfolk Islands and Whare Kauri (Chatham Islands).


Our Maori Ranger Security Division Team members are volunteers who have Military backgrounds or highly skilled in other areas .

We are involved in many projects that assist vulnerable and innocent people who are unable to defend themselves appropriately.

We are currently working on a project that involves issuing Diplomatic Immunity Inherent Rights Cards to people who are systematically picked on by the New Zealand Authorities .


The  JAIL BREAK PROJECT 2020 -We are documenting  our journey as we explore the New Zealand Justice System and corporate motives behind the New Zealand Prison Systems. We will be researching who has shares in the New Zealand Prisons and uploading a video documentary once we have completed our project.

​We teach Hunting and Fishing members about their INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS THAT CAN NEVER BE EXTINGUISHED, in order to assist them against unlawful racketeering from various unlawful authority's.


MAORI RANGER SECURITY DIVISION team members are respected in the community - and have  jurisdiction ranking higher than  NEW ZEALAND POLICE 


For further information please contact our team.


Private Security Services

Kat Tonihi is our Private Security Manager for Waikato - recruited as a Maori Ranger in March 2020
Kat Tonihi is our Private Security Manager for Waikato - recruited as a Maori Ranger in March 2020

Kat Taupo

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army pic kat
army pic kat

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000 kat promo MRSD
000 kat promo MRSD

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Kat Tonihi is our Private Security Manager for Waikato - recruited as a Maori Ranger in March 2020
Kat Tonihi is our Private Security Manager for Waikato - recruited as a Maori Ranger in March 2020

Kat Taupo

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Tamoko - Maori Tattoo - Christchurch

For Tamoko in TE-WAKA-A-MAUI please contact Mura Hura   aka  George 

Georges  studio is 108 B Seaview Street New Brighton, New Zealand

For appointments please contact the studio at:

0274 613 259


Symbolic - Tatu Studio - New Brighten - Christchurch

press to zoom

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Mura Hura aka George is a Tamoko Artist and recruited as a Maori Ranger in November 2020
Mura Hura aka George is a Tamoko Artist and recruited as a Maori Ranger in November 2020

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Important Tips - Court 

1) - Never use the word SOVEREIGNTY 


The New Zealand Courts do not have jurisdiction to deal with Sovereignty  - If a Judge tells you he cannot deal with a Sovereignty Claim - then you must rebut:


"This is not a Sovereignty Claim Your Honour - this is an INHERENT CUSTOMARY RIGHTS CLAIM or this is a HUMAN RIGHTS CLAIM"


This can be used in case of fishing, mahi kai, trading in accordance to the 1834 trading flag, raising your tamariki and many other customary rights.

2) Always stand when speaking to the Judge and always say Your Honour after or before you speak to the Judge - always listen to the Judge and wait til the Judge has finished speaking before you speak - this is Court Etiquette - and a Judge and Court should be respected like a Maori Elder at a Marae.

3) If are wanting to defend your innocence without a lawyer but the Judge tries to instruct you to seek legal advice or to use a duty lawyer then you must rebut: 

"Your Honour -It is enshrined through-out  statute that a person can defend oneself in Court without a Lawyer"

The same applies if you are seeking the assistance of a McKenzie Friend ( an experienced friend who can whisper the correct things to say in court - but who can not speak directly to the Judge.

Note: A Judge is a creature of Statute and must follow the Court Rules and Statutes - When defending yourself in Court go to page and seek out the correct legislation that can assist you.

THE BILL OF RIGHTS ACT 1990 has a tonne of helpful legislation's that you can refer to in court to get you out of trouble.

Provided you have not harmed any one nor stolen or caused loss to someone else property - you have a good chance of defending your self.  

Also it pays to know the whakapapa of the New Zealand Courts:


1835 He Whakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tireni qualified 'Te Tiriti o Waitangi' (1840) which qualified The Land Ordinance 1841, and qualified the Inherent Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (The Judiciary) , and which qualified The New Zealand Constitution 1852. 

You can always ask:


"Ko wai te whakapapa o te DISTRICT or HIGH COURT Your Honour?"

And then state that you are acting in accordance to the 1835 He Whakaputanga - which states that the Tinorangatira were to maintain the mana i te whenua - not t